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Season 4: A Summary

  • Episode 1:

    Where's Ian?

  • Episode 2:

    okay but where's Ian?

  • Episode 3:

    Ha seriously though where's Ian??

  • Episode 4:

    Alright this is getting ridiculous where's Ian??!

  • Episode 5:

    aww there he is!! Oh no...

  • Episode 6:

    where's Ian?

  • Episode 7:

    oh no

  • Episode 8:

    oh no

  • Episode 9:

    oh no

  • Episode 10:

    oh no

  • Episode 11:


  • Episode 12:

    oh nooo no no no no not like this. Never like this


12 years ago today I held my baby girl in my arms…. 12 years ago today I became a dad to a wrinkled prune… A prune that grew up to be a princess, my princess… A princess that will never know freedom or any man until she’s 32… I digress, I know everyone says where do the years go? I’m not going to… Time can’t be bottled and why should it?? Time gives us moments like these and the passing of time opens the door for more moments… Moments like these…. I’d like to thank time……. and Kaylas mum for being drunk that night 12years ago…..12 years and 9 months ago today…. #FamilyBirthdayWkd

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